This Set is All Smock—How To Wear Sets This Summer

There is no doubt that this summer sets have been a really strong trend.  I have always been a fan of sets, I think they are so easy to wear.   When you wear them as a set is easy and a no-brainer and also it gives you versatility when you wear them separately.  This is one of the main reasons, I love versatility.
  I love doing complex styling because it makes me happy it keeps my creativity going, but sometimes I don’t want to over think too much.  Sets always give me that easiness and confidence that is going to look good. Just make sure the sets you are picking is flattering to your body type and that is a good style and you are good to go.
When I went to Coachella I wore this cute red floral smocking dress that literally sold out in a day, so I decided to carry another style in my store that had the smocking detailing.  I decided to go for this cute pink two-piece skirt set with smocking detail.  I love the color and the fit. I accessorized with a pink bamboo bag that is to die for.
Bamboo bags this year were more popular than last year so I decided to carry more fun colors that the traditional natural color. Pink was my pop of color, but we also carry it in white and black.  One of my favorite summer bags for sure. I also added my new favorite pair of hoop earrings, this gold flat plated hoop earrings.
I added my favorite heels that you probably see me wearing them all the time.   I just love how comfy and sexy they are.  I like shoes that elongate me and make me look taller and these heels do just that.  The clear detailing and delicate tie make this shoes super sexy and I love them. Obsessed!