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Finally I motivated myself to post pictures of my loft.  It turns out we just moved to West Hollywood and I wanted to remember and share with you this cool space.  I really had an amazing experience living in a loft.  You get a lot of space to creatively play around.   It was a challenge in the beginning but I managed to furnished this huge space, and made it as warm and cozy as it could feel given the fact that the place is very industrial.  I love mixing different styles for an eclectic vibe.

I call my taste modern glam.  I love mirrored furniture as accents.  I love accessorizing. Accessories just like in fashion it ties everything together.  I designed and custom made the curtains, because there were so many windows and they weren't of a normal height. I used a gray velvet heavy material because they block the light and you don't necessarily need blackout lining. 

Rugs defined spaces and for this particular space I got a bold chevron pattern rug. The open format of the loft is great for entertaining and having parties. 
  I believe making your home nice, helps you be more positive and organized in life. So move furniture around until the energy flows right.

Stay tuned for more pics of my closet space.

Be haute, be rebellious 
Maria De La Cruz

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  1. amazing!!!

  2. Your former loft looks great, Maria!
    Such a fantastic place! You really made it look warm and cozy yet sophisticated.
    Decorating a loft must be pretty difficult but I'd love to live in on! x

    Fashion is for idiots [like us]

  3. WOW the place is just WOW
    Totally dream place

  4. Wow! Spectacular space. I am a big fan of black and white.

  5. This space is absolutely gorgeous! I love color scheme of it all. Lovely place.