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Love at first sight that's what I said when Santorini and I met.  Santorini is an island in the southern Aegean Sea. What a lovely place, so unique and full of character.  The story of Santorini is fascinating to me.   Santorini is basically what remains after and enormous volcanic explosion.  The Capital is Fira which I consider the downtown of Santorini and is located at the top of the cliff looking down the lagoon. The volcano is still active.  The  volcanic eruption is also compared to the story of the Atlantis. The Atlantis is the the story about a prosperous land that disappeared without trace, sunk  into the sea by the anger of gods - has been one of the oldest myths of mankind and some compare it to the story of Santorini.

You have two ways to get to the city; either by riding a donkey or the gondola.  The donkey could of been a lot of fun but they said they are very slow and that you end up smelling like donkey.  So we decided to just used the gondola instead.  The gondola drops you off at the peak of the mountain, which is Fira and that's where our journey began.  We rented a 4x4 so we could move faster and see everything we wanted to see.  I will be posting pics of each location we stopped at.  We discovered this little village full of hotels with an insane view.  I though this village represented Santorini in such a cute way.  We stopped and took these amazing pics.   Stay tuned for more!!

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Maria De La Cruz

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