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The weather has been so crazy in Los Angles, one weekend is sunny and you want to go to the beach.  The next weekend you want to layer like crazy because is raining and cold.

This past weekend it was sunny but with a lot of wind.  So in a lot of the pictures I took my hair is flying everywhere.

I want to say thank you to everyone that loves Haute & Rebellious, this has become a dream come true for me.  I used to be a designer working long hours doing sometimes designs and sketches that I particularly  didn't like.  But now I am doing what I love and everyday I am growing and learning.
Even though I went to business school, it is way harder  to run a business in real life.
From merchandising, buying, shipping and handling, customer support... is like an orchestra that needs to play the same note.

We love any suggestions and we are always growing and improving to better serve you.

Thank you for loving fashion as much as I do.

be haute, be rebellious

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  1. darling kisses from poland ; ))

  2. My goodness... you are absolutely beautiful! This high-low dress looks fabulous, and the cut out details add some flirty style to it. Love the floppy hat to go along with your angelic hair and lovely face. I also like the many different accessories you're wearing. And of course, those sandal booties nicely compliment the dress. This is a gorgeous look!

    As for supporting HAUTE AND REBELLIOUS, I've admired your style since being admirable of your fashions and your work. Not sure how many male visitors you get to this blog, but I certainly know beautiful when I see it, and you are certainly beautiful with your many fashions. So keep up the great work with all that you do.

    1. You are so sweet and thank you for supporting H&R. I love all your sweet comments!