A LITTLE BIT OF KARL IN ME - shop this look at www.hauteandrebellious.com

12:28 PM

Rococo Jacket - $70.00 - shop now
Faux leather shorts - $55 - shop now
White chiffon pocket blouse - $55.00 - shop now
Oversized Cat eye sunglasses - $32.00 - shop now
Royal blue clutch - SOLD OUT!
Shoes  are 3 years old, before the store ( trying to get some similar ones for the store) I will let you know.

These past pics if you noticed I had short hair.  I took the extensions out for a little bit.  I can never last with short hair.  I think I had short hair for 2 days.  I hope I learn to love short hair.
If you noticed I don't write much and it is not because I don't like to talk, because I love to talk.  I just don't like to write english.  English is my second language and I speak english better than I write it.  So I apologize for all my grammatical errors when I have them.  Which I tent to make a lot of them.  I apologize if you guys feel like I don't say much.  Now you know why?  I keep it simple and I hope the pictures speak for themselves.  But I will try to make an effort to communicate more.  That's why I am dying to start video recording things so I can speak once an for all.

Anyway enough with my complaining about my writing. I want to also say thank you to everyone that has supported H&R.  You guys have me working like crazy thats for sure.  But I am happy that you like what I am doing. 

Thanks to all the girls that are Haute & Rebellious around the world!
big kisses

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  1. Me ha encantado todo el look, super Primaveral, esa chaqueta y los zapatos me han enamorado. Besotes guapisima

  2. i didn't even notice that your hair changed, but now that you said it, I almost think that you look better with shorter hair! that's actually a very chic-looking lenght and it somehow brings out the outfits better!
    Your outfit is gorgeous as always, and that jacket is a must-have!

  3. very nice outfit!! i adore the jacket though..nice blog i follow you!!kisses

  4. you look gorgeous! that hair is pretty :)