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9:50 AM

 Lately the Sun in Cali comes and goes and when is here you want to take advantage of it.  It was a hot sunny day.  When there is good weather a lot people come to Santa Monica  to enjoy the beach.  I was on my way to drop off my girlfriend to the LAX airport.  She had to go to San Francisco for the weekend.  I wanted to photograph this top so bad cuz I am obsessed with it and I am so happy after waiting patiently to find out that they where available again.  I bought them for the store and I hope you guys fall in love with this blouse too.  Same thing happen with the lace shorts.  I finally was able to get them for the store and that was another of my pending items I wanted to get my hands on.   I decided to go with white because no body is really doing the white.  And I think white is perfect for summer. it goes with everything and it looks so good when you are tan.
I love to tan so I am always thinking about color against skin.
I was really indecisive to post some of my personal pictures but I though you guys deserve to see my crazy fun life in LA.  I am posting pics of my little weekend here in LA.   
We celebrated the B-day of our good friend Azi at the opening of  Sundays XVI on Sunset Blvd. This place opens at 5:00 pm and closes at 10:00 at night.  people just go crazy!! it is so much fun
This place is the haute thing to do around here and the girls and I did it a  la HAUTE & REBELLIOUS
Pics coming soon!!

Chiffon blouse - $55.00 shop now at www.shophandr.com
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White Lace Shorts - $ 45.00 buy now at www.shophandr.com
Off White Dakota Booties - $ 60.00 buy now at www.shophandr.com
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  1. Hi dear! It's amazing how I identify with your style!
    I voted on all clothing! A more beautiful than the other!
    Besides being beautiful is very stylish! What talent you have on the art of dressing!
    I already am your follower in other communities, you're on my list of favorite blogs
    Inspired me! Always come back! I'm following you especially in your blog.
    Hype and CHIC for sure!
    If you like my style, will be honored to receiv your recognition!
    By the way, this picture and outfit get inpired me for my next summer! Thanks!
    Big kiss ~.~
    From your new fan and follower of Brazil
    Flávia Cruz
    *Sorry my english!




  2. ouhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you are so cute and you have no idea how much this means to me. Thanks for your support.
    big kisses
    and I will stop by your blog!!!