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I  just want to say WAOOOO!! I am impressed like everybody else and I couldn't agree anymore with big editors and fashion professionals.  This collection has an amazing feel, it is fresh, the use of texture colors and sillouhetes is very interesting.   Not to mention he manages to combine the romantic seductive drapes and shapes with harder textures  to add  mystery and edge.
I love how the collection is not too romantic or too edgy or too minimalist, it fuses different styles bringing something different and creative with so much elegance and edge.

I love falling in love with designers that inspired me to want to design and continue pushing the envelope.   I had the amazing pleasure to hang out with a designer that lives in LA  but show cases his line in NYC.  I always feel weird talking about some people I hang out or party with because I respect their privacy therefore I am keeping the name private.    He was very outspoken about his business strategies and by talking to him about working in the industry and so on my dream of launching my line like Marc Jacob or Rag & Bone or many others had to faced a cruel reality.  Which is in order to be able to launch a competitive high end line it requires a lot of capital,  and when I say this! It is in the millions.   So I am working other avenues so I can get most of the money buy selling you girls items that I believe and love. Then after that I will use the money to invest in my line.   I am the kind of girl that I likes to do things the best way I can do them otherwise I don’t want to do them.  This is sometimes a huge problem because you end up not doing them, but I am taking a risk.  So about 2 months ago I was just working for a lingerie company as a technical designer, not quite what I really wanted to do, so  I changed my job thanks to  blogging and my addiction to clothing.   I re-strategized my plan to start  my own company called HAUTE & REBELLIOUS, which is an online store that has my eye and attitude all over it!!

I still want to design. I am dying specially when I go out shopping and I don’t see the things that inspire me or the things that I would like to wear. I have always felt the need to be different, I don’t know if it is because I just like to stand out vs blending in.  I once heard Lady Gaga say before she became famous that you walk, talk, live, and breathe like you are famous.  Because being famous is not really about popularity is about attitude and I absolutely agree.  In my own little world I want to become a world wide known designer entrepreneur.  HAUTE & REBELLIOUS is  the first step I am taking towards my dream. I want to be able to design fashion for women that want to be special and that want to live their life without fear and the right attitude.

So I want to grow HAUTE & REBELLIOUS so it can become a successful business that not only sells you or provides you merchandising,  but I want to use it as vehicle so I can design clothing that would inspired all of us.

I hope you will follow me through this journey!!
be haute, be rebellious
visit HAUTE & REBELLIOUS the online store

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