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Hello my dear fashionistas, I am so happy to share with you guys my best looks of year 2010.
I first started blogging through a network called Chictopia, then after getting such a great response from friends and followers I decided to launch my own Blog HAUTE&REBELLIOUS.
It all started when I was going to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. I was going to school and had an amazing internship with an amazing couture designer.  I also had a lot of extra time.  I was making clothes and shopping the market constantly that;s when I decided I wanted to put my point of view out there for everyone to see.
I graduated and start it working in the fashion industry,  I don’t know how I manage with work and life to launch HAUTE&REBELLIOUS  but I posted my first consistent post on November 26 of 2010 and since then I am feeding this blog almost every day for you guys to see and get inspired.

It has been a pretty exciting ride for H&R, I am still getting used to how fast and demanding a blog can be.  I am definitely learning everyday and improving as I go. I am so thankful for all your support.  I have big plans for this year and hopefully you guys can come with me in this journey. Thank you for all your

Sincerelly and
Fashionably yours
  Maria De La Cruz

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  1. wow you have amazing sense of style!!

  2. What a wardrobe selection. I couldn't even imagine trying to choose what to wear. Lucky you!

  3. bests are the ones with leopard prints =)

  4. Gorgeous looks! Keep it up! ;)

    Love, Aily

  5. Wish I could pull off style like yours! x

  6. Hi honey!!!

    lovely outfits! great style.

    Ivânia Diamond*

  7. Love all these outfits, you've got an amazing style

  8. love all the looks! you're beautiful and have an amazing style :)